About Isla

About Isla

ISLA is a mission driven company. Our mission guides our decisions.


To create and organize modern, self-sufficient, and replicable communities which allow humans to spend most of their time in personal projects whose ends are not necessarily economic.


  • Humans should work only 15 hours per week to solve their basic needs; the rest of their time should be spent freely and for themselves.
  • Education should focus around nutrition, human relationships, self-sufficiency, and creativity.
  • We can develop a more democratic and fair economic system.

By 2019, we want to have the first modern self-sufficient community in the world in an island.  To achieve this, we need to:

  • Have money to buy the island.
  • Produce our own food (agriculture)
  • Have a complete understanding of human nutrition
  • Clean our water (water purification).
  • Have a system of democratic organization of people (government)
  • Capacity to educate people (school system)
  • Construct our own spaces (home/social)
  • Produce our  medicine, doctors, and machinery (healthcare system)
  • Produce our  clothing
  • Produce our bicycles, cars, trucks (transportation system)
  • Produce our energy.
  • Have experience in materials (metals, etc.)
  • Understand what’s necessary to survive
  • Technology (automation)