Summer Course 2017

Immersive Renewable Energy Experience

Summer Course 2017

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Join us for a week long hands-on summer course in Los Cabos where you will learn about 3 types of renewable energy: solar, wind, biofuels. You will learn the benefits and limitations of each type of renewable energy by designing and implementing them yourself. Choose your track after learning the basics on the first day.  There are four possible tracks: solar, wind, biofuels, and a combined track.

Within the solar energy track you will learn how to capture electromagnetic radiation produced by the sun and transfer it into energy. You will then design and implement a solar photovoltaic system to power a house, understand the economics and trends of solar power, and the pros and cons of solar energy.
If you choose wind power, you will build a working industrial-grade windmill by understanding and wiring together the generator, the blade construction, the tower, and the furling system.  You will work with digital manufacturing, using a CNC machine to design and cut the windmill, and delve into energy storage, costs, and advantages and disadvantages.
Through the biofuel track you will learn how to create an algae bioreactor that converts carbon dioxide and solar energy into food for algae. Algae bioreactors can be used to create biofuels, biomass, to generate animal feed, and to fix CO2.  This technology is newer and still not as efficient as the other two. However, researchers are focusing their resources on algae biofuels and this type of renewable energy is starting to take off.
If you choose the combined track you will analyze the economics and trends of each of the different renewable energy generation systems. You will simulate versions of each one, and work with the other tracks to measure the inputs and outputs, pros and cons of each.
Once the tracks are completed, we will use our newly developed energy generation system to create an off-the-grid mobile power station, that will be used to power the closing event.  The off-the-grid power station will then be used to power a local community.
The course will be given in English by expert professors from the best universities in the world.


When: Summer 2017.
Where: Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico.